I’m delighted that you’re visiting our website and look forward to meeting you face-to-face. We are a little church with a big mission: to bless others as we have been blessed. [Genesis 12:2]. We’re tightly connected with the neighborhood of North Arlington, but we have a global outreach. When you visit the campus at 2666 North Military Road, you’ll notice that we care about the neighborhood, Arlington County, the National Capital region, the world…and YOU!

If you’re new here, we’d like to let you know what to expect.Pastor Beth Goss

A Matthew 25 Church--Making Disciples

In these weeks before the beginning of Lent, worship at Church of the Covenant will be designed to listen to the voice of God through the Gospel of Matthew, particularly the call in Matthew 25 for Jesus' disciples to be actively engaged in a hurting world. There are so many in our world, suffering from climate change, structural racism, alienation and poverty. Jesus wants disciples who can love the world with the self-sacrificing love that it takes to make big changes in our neighborhoods, countries, and the whole world.


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  • Feb 16, 2020
    The Big Idea: What is the purpose of God’s law? The law can be a mirror: revealing our sin in contrast to God’s holiness. The law can be a fence: restraining us from evil and keeping order in society. For Christian disciples, the law is also a sign: guiding us in a life of faithfulness.

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