rebuilding together groupChurch of the Covenant has a mission outside the church walls. In former days, these projects were given attention by the "Deacons." Today, through its governing board, the "Session" the church serves many other groups in Arlington that pay attention to the particularly vulnerable--the poor, the homeless, the hungry, those with mental and physical challenges, the marginalized.

The church maintains relationships with many international service organizations, and gives away about $10,000 (from the church’s overall budget) each year to these partners.

For people in our own neighborhood and around the world, Church of the Covenant...

  • Prays for and with those who are experiencing health and spiritual challenges
  • Keeps in regular contact with those church members who cannot attend weekly worship
  • Pays attention to the hospitality extended to strangers by the congregation



Partners Supported by the Deacons' Project Funds

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