Children are always welcome in worship!!!

Godly Play (ages 3 to 7) 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. in Classroom 5 (September through June)   

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Have you ever sat and watched a child really play?  The total involvement they exhibit combined with their ability to plunge fully into their imaginings and become part of the story is a window into another world.  Church of the Covenant’s children’s spiritual formation program, Godly Play, creates a joyful, sacred space for children to play their way into God’s presence.  Through storytelling, wondering time to explore the story, and work time to respond to the story through art, journaling, retelling the story or other play, our children learn the history, tradition, liturgy, sacred stories and parables of our church.  Godly Play offers children a counterpoint to the busy secular world they inhabit; it provides them with a vocabulary for what they already know about God’s presence in their lives; and it builds a faith community in which they can explore existential issues of life and death in the context of God’s love and grace.

This year, we are exploring what it means to be a part of God’s big story. Beginning with the story of the creation, we are journeying through the Old and New Testaments using stories to reflect on the nature of God, our relationship to the divine, our individual places in God's story and what it means to love God.

Godly Play Covenant

  • We promise to be prepared: prepared to teach, prepared to worship, prepared to listen.
  • We promise to create a safe place where we listen first and do not fight; where each person's contribution is valued.
  • If we argue, we will talk together to work it out or we will agree to set it aside.
  • GodlyPlayWe promise to be careful with our work and the work of others.
  • We promise to be kind to each other.
  • We promise to respect each other.
  • We promise to be responsible for ourselves - not for anyone else, just for our own decisions and actions.

Time with Children

Children are invited to participate in all parts of the worship service, including a special Time With Children designed just for them.  This is often a Story Sermon given by a member of the congregation or the pastor.  Sometimes it is more dramatic such as a “Walk to Emmaus” or the Christmas Pageant, other times it is a quieter time for reflection and prayer.  These messages are tied to the preaching theme for the year and intended to introduce the same topics in a way that makes them more accessible for children.  We continue to explore ways to help our children become comfortable in worship and feel welcome in our sacred space.

Holy Communion

Our congregation generally celebrates communion once a month.  We welcome children to participate in this important part of our community life of faith. 

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