Church of the Covenant - Organist Choir Director Job Description

Church of the Covenant in Arlington Virginia, a small church with a strong music and arts program, is looking for an Organist Choir Director for its Sunday worship service and church music program. A willingness to learn, and the ability to lead youth in music appreciation would be a plus.

In addition, the Organist/Choir Director is expected to display the following qualifications: 

  • Excellent organ and piano skills for leading worship and accompanying congregation and choir.
  • Sound knowledge of a variety of musical styles and a strong and varied choir repertoire.
  • Ability to encourage and work with choir members’ differing abilities.
  • Good organizational skills and a willingness to use materials, if appropriate, currently held at Covenant.

The candidate will be required to:

  • Provide music to enliven Zoom worship services--including hymns, responses and special music--performed live (single source) or pre-recorded with multiple voices.
  • Have the facility to record and produce hymns and other music as needed.
  • Once the congregation returns to the sanctuary, play at weekly services and special services, including Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve;
  • Lead the congregation in hymns;
  • Regularly rehearse with the choir on a schedule agreed to with the Choir Members;
  • Meet with the pastor on a regular schedule, collaborate with the pastor to agree on choir participation, and suggest hymns for the Sunday morning worship service;
  • Attend some monthly Worship Team meetings; and
  • Play at all funerals and weddings as requested.

Hours, Remuneration, Benefits

  • 10 hours a week
  • The hourly rate for the first year is determined to be $30 per hour, with time and ½ per hour for weddings and funeral services.
  • For the first contract year we suggest that a record of the hours actually worked is kept, and if this consistently exceeds 10 hours, then Covenant will review the terms of the contract for the upcoming year.
  • Two Sundays of paid leave are included in the agreement.
  • If requested Covenant will allow the use of equipment on the premises for private teaching.


  • Organ – Winn Pipe Organ
  • Pianos – Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall - Baby Grand

Enquiries and Applications:

Please check our website for more general information on our church programs. Due to the current pandemic, our building is closed and we are not in the position to answer phone inquiries. Applications and all enquiries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We have an opening for an Organist Choir Director.  Click here for more information.

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