Attending a church for the first time can be intimidating: “Will they accept me? I know very little about the Bible. I think God exists, but I have my doubts”. We get all that! So, here are a few thoughts that might help break the ice.

worship1At Church of the Covenant, we know everyone is on a journey. Even in North Arlington, where everyone seems to have it all together, no one is a finished person. So, Covenant aims to create a come-as-you-are culture—a place where people are authentic and accepting, a deliberate oasis from the competitive culture we are in. We welcome each individual wherever they may find themselves on their journey.

Being real about ourselves, our lives, and even our "junk" (let's face it, we've all got it!) is where it starts. Not only do we aim for acceptance but we also desire Covenant to be a place of growth for each person. Wherever 'here" is for you in your journey, we hope to walk along side of you to get "there" and beyond!

So here's what it boils down to: God is for you. In our world of job reviews, Monday morning quarterbacking, TV vote-to-win competitions, and the hyper competitive culture of Metro DC, it's hard to believe that someone loves you simply because you're you. But we find that until we grasp that God is for us (God is good, loves us, wants only the best for us…), we will keep trying to measure up and never feel like we do.

We get that in a world filled with evil, suffering, pain and abandonment it is hard to embrace a good God who is in control of life. Doubt is ok, and even welcome as an inevitable part of the journey with God. So at the same time that we affirm what we do know, we are honest about what we don’t.

So should you decide to give us a shot - a warm welcome awaits you! You most likely won't find a "perfect" church - and definitely no perfect people - but you can find room to grow.

Some FAQ’s

What can I wear?

Clothes—come as you are—really! (bike shorts, flip flops, jeans, business casual, ties, t-shirts you’ll find it all) 

church signWhere is the church building? 

We are located at: 2666 Military Road, Arlington, VA 22207
See Map and Directions

How long are the Sunday morning services?

Our Sunday morning worship service usually lasts about one hour, occasionally longer. We don’t mind showing up late or leaving early. You might miss something, but that’s ok.

What do you do?

A typical Sunday morning worship service will start with announcements about things that the church is doing. Worship follows what sometimes is called a ‘traditional liturgy’ where songs are sung from a hymnbook (that is supplied for you) and an organ and/or a piano is the usual instrument. Sometimes special music uses guitar, violin, or other talents that are among the church members. We seldom use video in the service. There is reading from the Bible, and a teaching on that reading, usually focused on Jesus and how life can be lived with joy and abundance following Jesus.
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At a certain point, offering plates will be passed in the seats for optional giving.
> Giving Page 

Where do I go in?

church covenant building front

Note: During the summer we meet in many different worship locations mostly around the building. Look for the signs on the main church entrance.

The main church entrance is through the glass doors immediately around the circular driveway, where there is handicap parking. Regular parking is in the large lot adjacent to Military Road. You can reach the main church entrance from the parking lot by going up the stairs, under the large tree. Someone will greet you inside and orient you to the building. You will also be given a written ‘bulletin’ which outlines what will happen in the worship service and gives other information about the church.

What about kids? 

activity bags

Children are always welcome in the worship service and there will usually be a special time in worship devoted to children. Caregivers and parents may choose to keep children with them in the church (activity bags with drawing materials are available for readers and non-readers) or you may also choose to have them cared for in a special play room, always staffed with loving and trained adults.  
> Children's Page

What is a Presbyterian?

Church of the Covenant belongs to the branch of the Christian faith in the United States that has a particular 'flavor.' If you would like to know more about the history, background, and particular beliefs of Presbyterians, you can visit this website.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the congregation, you are always welcome to speak to the Pastor.


Sunday Schedule

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